I Am Because I Choose


I Am Because I Choose is an engaging picture book that encourages children to embrace their most amazing SUPERPOWER which is their power to choose! The book not only informs the idea that you get to choose your behavior, it also highlights positive consequences that can result from making good choices.


I Am Because I Choose can easily be used to help facilitate the core competencies of SEL. It fosters an understanding of the important connection between behavior and personal choice, thus promoting self-accountability and self-awareness; which consequently results in better decision making. This emboldens and empowers children by allowing for ownership of their choices.


I Am Because I Choose can be easily aligned with Common Core Standards.



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Kristen Bell

PreK-3 grade approved! - I read this to my students during their first week back at the library. Many teachers were able to carry through the idea of making choices that benefit you AND your peers for the rest of the day: working as a team, respectful words, personal space/social distancing, mask wearing, sitting safely (on pockets, not on feet/knees/tipping chairs), etc...Overall, it's a fantastic story.

Amazon Customer

I’m an elementary school teacher-librarian and this is a fantastic book! For students of all ages. We have the power to choose our way in life. Excellent book with excellent lessons.

Pamela H.
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