Have You Thanked an Inventor Today?


Have You Thanked an Inventor Today is an Amazon Best Seller and was recognized by Microsoft as a book that informs and inspires STEM.  The book takes its reader on a unique journey into the often forgotten contributions of some of the African-American inventors that have greatly enriched America’s landscape. It chronicles the day of a little boy, demonstrating with each page, how the genius of African American minds is utilized on a daily basis.


Have You Thanked an Inventor Today comes complete with biographies about each inventor, as well as fun activities that help to encourage reading comprehension and retention. Furthermore, it can be easily aligned both Common Core and STEM standards.



Inspirational! This book has been so inspirational to my family and I am sure many other readers as well. It is truly important to know our history and those who have paved the way to help our society grow and be strong. My little one always grabs this book before bedtime and points out the items in the illustration to confirm who invented what. If I could give more than a five star rating I would. Thank you Patrice McLaurin and Dian Wang.


It was a class hit! We love this book! I purchased two, one for my granddaughter's class and one for my granddaughter to keep. Her teacher loved it. She read it to her virtual class then, went around the Zoom asking each student which Inventor would they like thank and why? They learned so much that day.

Sheron Banks

My first grader loves this book! There aren't enough ways I can express how much I enjoy this book with my 1st grader. He loves thinking about and talking about the inventors in this book and how they have contributed to our world. Thank you!

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