Have You Thanked A KidVentor Today?


Have You Thanked a KidVentor Today is the follow up book to Have You Thanked an Inventor Today. An informational picture book, it inspires youth to tap into their own innovative inclinations, as each inventor highlighted in the book is a kid! This allows for an important text to self connection that will make for a more engaging reading experience and a better understanding of the text.


Children will learn the stories behind some of their favorite inventions, to include the Popsicle and the trampoline! Additionally, to increase vocabulary and promote higher level thinking, the book comes complete with a glossary and fun science experiments! These wonderful additions help children to channel their inner scientific and artistic genius!


Have You Thanked a Kidventor Today can be easily aligned with Common Core and STEM standards.



They enjoyed it immensely! I liked that my daughter enjoyed reading it to her 2.5 yr old son ,as much as he enjoyed listening to it. Since then, she said that he picks it up and reads from memory..yet he knows his ABC's and counts to 50 thus far.


Our first book of experiments. This is the perfect book to introduce your little one to science and experiments. The hands on activities are fun for both adults and children alike.

Ne, Amazon Customer

My Students Love It! I purchased this book because I loved the first one so much (Have You Thanked an Inventor Today?) I use them in speech/language therapy to kickstart an entire unit on inventors. My students love to research the inventions and inventors further. I like the accessible format of the book as well as the people that I learned more about.

Amazon Customer
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