Dandi McLion Has Her Say


Dandi McLion Has Her Say is a fun and engaging mixture of STEM, Social Emotional Learning and Character Education! It comes complete with a glossary to enhance reading comprehension and increase vocabulary.

From this book, readers are sure to learn some pretty important facts about dandelions. (STEM)

The book also touches on core components of Social Emotional Learning like empathy, compassion and how to handle big emotions.

Furthermore, it demonstrates how one can exercise Civic Responsibility to make a change in their world, which is a key element of Character Education.

Dandi McLion Has Her Say encourages its reader to be courageous. It reminds them that their voice is powerful and that it deserves to be heard.


Lexile Measurement – 840L


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Dandi Ade McLion a hero whom young readers will identify with..

Kirkus Review

The educational value of this story is multi-layered; it’s more than a fact-sharing story about dandelions. Dandi...talks about prejudice and how people shouldn’t judge others…she talks about treating everyone and everything, including dandelions, with empathy and compassion. She talks about standing up for what she believes in and speaking out. Loved it!

Reader’s Favorite

Brilliant, educational and entertaining, this is a beautiful story.

Emily Orford

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this story! I love the confidence of Dandi…I love how she used her big voice…I love how brave Dandi is…I love how you took a social justice issue and used a flower for the character allowing teachers, parents, whoever to talk to their kids about bigger social justice issues other than dandelions being called weeds and being mistreated..

Amy Watkins - Elementary School Teacher


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